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Two ways to ride in Santa Cruz

I went out to Santa Cruz to check out the parcours for the race next weekend. Here’s the view from the bottom of the hill: In any case, the climb itself isn’t rocket science – Flat at the base, gradually … Continue reading

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Training, no quotation marks

Yep, it finally happened. I did some intervals on Shannon. Before work. It wasn’t always going to be this way… There was a time that I treated it like it was a bad word. I’ve heard the story too many … Continue reading

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Guess The Game

You’ve get FOUR screenshots, it should be easy! First person to comment with the correct answer… Wins!

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The Shells – Dateline 2006

The Shells Mike took this photo! Sometimes I think I was a better bike handler back when I didn’t know any better… Then again: UNSURE IF SERIOUS.

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Los Altos Backroads Ride

First try out shooting video with iPhone 4 and editing it on the phone with iMovie. Lots of fun! Obviously I wasn’t able to shoot very much video while actually riding… Hope everyone’s having a good summer, I’m enjoying mine. … Continue reading

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Can One Tool Reignite the Love of Blogging?

Yes it can, if it’s MarsEdit. I used MarsEdit to publish this post, and the last one. When it comes down to it, I was finding that there was too much friction in grabbing the URLs to my flickr photos … Continue reading

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Back on the Road

Well, I guess you could say I never left the road. In fact, I’ve been getting precious little dirt riding in, outside of what I take on with the road bike or the occasional jaunt on the Axis of Evil. … Continue reading

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Jebus, it sure is quiet in here

I haven’t given up on you yet, blog! Just been busy. I can’t believe it’s May already, and that today is the first Tuesday Twilight crit. Those are for summer, right? Oh dear… Once these are over, it’s just another … Continue reading

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Term I just coined #2

What’s For Dinner – The state of something being burly, badass, or beefy. Example: Parin: “Oh, I think you’ll like this” Me: “That sounds like what’s for dinner.”

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East Bay Alleycross

Boy, this race was such serious business that I didn’t even take a photo till I was finished! And  I didn’t get any photos from before the race, either, because I showed up five minutes before the starting gun, cyclocross-style. … Continue reading

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