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Chocolate and Peanut Butter: The Post That Wasn’t

So, I originally started writing a post about this back in October, but never finished it… In it, I stated that I was considering combining two things I like, Japan, and ‘Cross into one absurd trip in November. See, the … Continue reading

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Some Common Themes Emerge…

While I undertake the steps required to archive and sort the photos from Japan (i.e. stall), I thought I might post up a few more teasers. Of course, I’d much rather show the photos along with the stories that go … Continue reading

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Mapping Japan

Like I’ve said before, if I see a hill, I want to go up it. Here’s a photo from the top of one such intriguing hill in Kajigaya. I took this photo on an aimless morning walk after checking out of my … Continue reading

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Back from Japan. Here’s a Cat.

And I have so many photos from the trip that I can’t even fit them all on my hard drive! That said, I’ve vowed to upload more pics (and faster) than I did for my 2007 trip. I also plan … Continue reading

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Zaz Museum, Nagoya Japan

Getting back to my Japan trip for a moment…Since I never really, um, wrote much about it here, and I still have thousands of photos left unposted. So, tonight I bring you one of many curiosities I stumbled upon in … Continue reading

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