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Proof that this blog isn’t only about bicycles.

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Foolproof method for rating Korean restaurants

Tonight’s Korean restaurant scores a 6. I’ve been to places that score as high as 12… Anybody have a recommendation that scores higher?

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Term I just coined #5

Brunch Ride A few birthdays ago, I found myself with some good friends at Esther’s German Bakery for brunch. After ordering food, the proprietor asked what we’d like to drink. “Three coffees and three Spatens please.” The proprietor hesitates for … Continue reading

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Slonie Answers Your Search Terms

I’m starting a new thing here. You like Googling. You’ve got queries, and I’ve got posts that answer them. Or do I? I do now. I’ve got a lot of terms to catch up on before going into maintenance mode … Continue reading

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Slone’s Razor (Term I just coined #3)

Slone’s razor When naming a law after yourself, it sounds way cooler if you call it a razor, instead. I learned this from Occam’s razor. See how much cooler that sounds than Occam’s law? Because it’s a razor. That’s badass. … Continue reading

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Jebus, it sure is quiet in here

I haven’t given up on you yet, blog! Just been busy. I can’t believe it’s May already, and that today is the first Tuesday Twilight crit. Those are for summer, right? Oh dear… Once these are over, it’s just another … Continue reading

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Term I just coined #2

What’s For Dinner – The state of something being burly, badass, or beefy. Example: Parin: “Oh, I think you’ll like this” Me: “That sounds like what’s for dinner.”

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Okay, I’ll shut up about Flash for a minute…

So, this newly-internet-famous ad for salsa made its way to my twitter last night, with rave reviews from Roger Ebert and William Gibson. I watched it on my phone, since Vimeo supports the iPhone now. Cute, but nothing amazing, right? … Continue reading

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Term I just coined

Southbay-curious. adj: 1. Status of one who lives in The City but suddenly mentions something that is super South Bay. Rio Adobe? I didn’t know you were Southbay-Curious!

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