Serious Business Cycling Links

Remember in the old days when people would put links on their website, and suggest that you check them out? BAM! Bringing it back. These are links so good, they need to be permanent.

  1. Fear of a Belgian Planet [The Jerk, Velocipede Salon] The only one to speak out on rampant Belgian-worship.
  2. The System [DrunkCyclist] – With The System you don’t get flats, you get tough.
  3. Fondue and Alpenhorns [The Service Course] – Where’d the cowbell come from, anyway?
  4. Answers to just about any bike forum post [Surly Bikes Blog] – I agree with everything in this article, wholeheartedly. Read it, live it. Ride it.

1 Response to Serious Business Cycling Links

  1. SuperFred says:

    Saving this link to these links in a new folder entitled “serious business cycling links,” inside an old folder marked “cycling links,” under a heading marked “dope bike shit.”

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