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Up for saleSOLD! is a stock, complete, 2011 All-City Nature Boy singlespeed cyclocross bike.

Here is a lovely photo of what it would look like if I took it to a photo studio and photographed it against a white background:

(this photo is courtesy of Tokyo Fixed Gear, who is selling this bike new for £800.00. Which, with the current exchange rate, is like a million US dollars. So mine’s a better deal.)
I don’t have a photo that nice of my actual bike , but rest assured that it looks great. All the specs and geometry are on All-City’s site, here:

It is what they call a 55cm, but fits a bit bigger – The toptube is 56.5cm, headtube 15cm (fairly tall), Seattube is 57.5 with extension. So I’d suggest this to somebody who usually rides a 56-57, or knows standover won’t be an issue. If you’re in doubt, please obsess over the geometry chart on All-City’s webpage. That’s what I did…

It is green and white, or what All-City calls “Awesome Lime Color”. They are not lying. It is awesome.

I am also fairly confident that this bike is indestructible, just look at the evidence:

I’m the second owner. I got it last summer and have ridden it twice. It’s practically new. You’ve heard this before, but this time it’s true! You definitely want to own the bike that made Prolly “all kindsa excited“.

Again, this is the complete bike, as-stock. The parts are not fancy, but they’re durable, and you can always take them off to build up a city bike for your significant other, if you want to upgrade.

Would make a great commuter, town bike, race bike, and has a lot more swagger than a Bianchi San Jose. That’s a fact. The reason I’m selling it is TOO MANY BIKES and I am a big baby who rides geared bikes when I have the option.

Instagrammy photo below is of the actual bike. Dinosaur not included. Located in the South Bay but may be able to work out delivery to Peninsula/SF/EastBay/Races. Also: Pedals not included. The ones in the photo were broken, anyway.

image 0 image 1

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